How to play slots

They are the most popular casino games, coming in different variants, with attractive themes. If you have the feeling that you can’t control the rounds of the game, you will discover during this article that things are not like that. Of course, the generation of the winning combinations is by chance, but practically the bidder decides what the stake is. By the end of the article you will learn how to navigate depending on the types of slots, the number of lines or jackpots.

Types of slots

Leaving aside the theme, we can talk about three major categories of online slots :

  • Line slots – have between 3 and 5 game lines, a smaller number of symbols, so a higher chance of winning combinations.
  • Video slots are based on the same mechanism. There are generally 5-line games, and the number of combinations can reach up to 40.
  • Progressive slots – combine several items such as jokers, jackpots and free spins.


The symbols therefore differ from one game to another, the player having the advantage of choosing his favorite theme. Whether we are talking about fruit, isotry, cinema or rock music, the symbols of the slots are extremely attractive.

You have to pay attention to special symbols like Wild or Scatter . They can replace other symbols, generate bonuses and free spins. Bonus rounds (or free spins) are spins triggered by winning combinations.


Jackpots give you the opportunity to multiply your winnings. Progressive jackpots are built during rounds.

Winning grid

It varies depending on the game chosen. Basically from here you understand which are the winning symbols for that slot game. Also from here you can find out about the chances of winning and the value of the prizes.

Strategy for beginners:

Our recommendation is to start with a slots game as simple as possible. You can try the demo version on our website, accessing the Slots menu. As I said, 3-line games usually offer more chances to win. It is good to bet the maximum number of coins available to have access to bonuses and jackpots. Remember! Always take a look at the winning grid to understand the game’s specifications and rules.

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